Stimulate your thinking process : Agile 2011 Sprint 4

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Stimulate your thinking process

How to be an expert. Kick-ass.

Credit : Kathy Sierra - "Creating Passionate Users". Jean Tabaka #agileaus 2011

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Day 2 kicked off with a presentation from Jean Tabaka, an Agile Coach from Rally Software, that split the audience down the middle.
Half ‘got it’ and realised that the purpose of her talk was to challenge and stimulate our way of thinking ( my half ) and the other half thought it was ‘typical American style self promotion’.

Some key takeways, as promised to some who felt very strongly that there was no value here ;-)

  • We are a Community of thinkers
  • We need to bring our genius selves to work. I agree, we are paid for brains , not bums on seats.
  • The daily standup is about seeking insight, over the reporting back mentality.
  • Create dialogue over debate.
  • Be open to be able to consider what might be true.
  • Detach ideas from the individual.
  • Consider how we can extract the best ideas.
  • Understand the five dysfunctions of a team pyramid.
5 Dysfunctions of the Team

Credit: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni, 2002. Jean Tabaka #agileaus 2011

  • Learn more about Kanban, Lean and the Art of Flow.
  • Move away from infatuation mode.
Jean recommended some great books and resources which are available in her presentation.

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